Rules of Dating a Trans Woman

1.Never ask their old name

When date a transgender woman, people might be very curious about their past life, but it's not a right topic to talk about in trans dating. Never ask questions like what's your old name? How did you look like in the past? Just accept the girl as who she is right now. Everyone has the right to choose their name and live the way they like, so don't ask more about their past life if they don't want to share with you. You may think that you just want to know more about your partner by asking about her past life, that's sounds reasonable, but you should know that you are date a trans woman who don't want to talk about her past life.

2. Talk about the future life

Instead of asking about her past life, you can talk something about future, ask her future plan. Like all girls, most of trans girls have many dreams and plans for their future. They don't want to talk about their past life, but they are happy to discuss their future life with you. New life for them is hopeful, they want to live a totally new life. It couldn't be better if you can talk something about the future life, share your experience with them, give them some good advice.

3. Avoid sensitive words

You may praise her by using words like "passable" and "feminine", saying that you are feminine, look like real women. You may not realize your mistake until read this article. This is a common mistake of people who date trans women for the first time. All trans women don't want to hear this kinds of compliments. It means you don't accept them as real women, you still treat them as trans women who were men before. If you really want to date trans women, I suggest you to have a deep understanding on trans women first, this is the best way to avoid make some common mistakes in ts dating.

4. Treat them as cisgender women

The best way to know if you treat a trans girl as a cisgender woman is to ask yourself "did you act the same as dating a cisgender woman in trans dating?" If your answer is no, you are not ready to date a trans girl. Trans girls deserve the same respect and love as any cisgender women. If you cannot accept trans women in your deep heart, you'd better not start a ts dating.

5. Don't ask them did they work in sex industry

Will you ask this question when date a cisgender woman? Of course no. It's rude and disrespect to trans women. Transgender people, especially trans women are faced with many pressures and challenges from the society, it's even hard for them to find a job to live on. They need more understanding and acceptance. We cannot deny that most of trans girls are pure and worthy of respect. Don't deny all trans women only according to your personal preference.