How to Feminize Your Hands: for Transgender Women

Without any doubt body representation is one of the most important thing if you are looking for any kind of a date. Of course you can't change the structure of your hands but you can better your looks really easily and make them look better and feminine. Being a transgender woman this is really important for you if you are looking for a trans date. You have to work on them and you'll improve a lot.

When it is about being a lady then there must be some class and every little thing matters.You can't ignore the hands at any cost. Of course not, they represent your look and the way you take care of everything in your body. Have a look on the things you must care about. You will love these simple points.

#Mistakes to Avoid

Go to salon or parlour, get a manicure done. This will polish your feminine look and enhance your confidence. Neat and clean body always make you more confident. But also keep this in mind.

Avoid nails that are too long or too short.

Yes too short nails and too long in size both makes it look bad. Transgender people including tranny, shemales got to keep that in mind not too long or small. Have a normal sized look for them. The most flattering nail length is about 1/8″-1/4″ past your fingertips.

Avoid bright nail polish colors. Avoid bold colors specially If you do not a really fair tone. Just stick to the neutral tones that makes you look simple and rather beautiful.

DON'T forget hairy knuckles

Don't forget to shave hairy knuckles when presenting yourself as a woman. It's one of the most common traits being a girl you have to keep it clean.

#DO invest in the right grooming tools

Use the right tools and techniques and you will have the best look. Just get the right grooming instruments and het it done by a professional or learn using them yourself. Here are a few items you should have in your arsenal:

Nail brush – This is an essential tool for cleaning under the fingernails.

Glass nail file – just make your nails gentler by using a glass nail. It is really simple to use a nail and it is important for your nails.

Nail buffer – Use a nail buffer to give your nails a natural shine without having to use polish.

Hand cream – You need the right amount of hydration for your hands. You have to use Hand cream specially when you are going out side.

DO use jewelry

Jewelry can no doubt improve your looks and your hands will look more occupied and beautiful. All you got to here is to understand what thing suits you and what not. You can wear simple rings, bracelets and chains. These simple things add so much of bonus looks to your hands.

Keep it low key

Just wear the essentials, especially in trans dating. Do not show off to much. That just ruins the simplicity of your hands. Instead, keep the focus on your face.