Five Things You should Know Before Dating a trans girl

Having a trans dating is not a common thing for now. Transgender people are regarded as kind of special group. Even dating is not an easy thing for them. But if you are a man who is attracted to trans girls, before you decide to date one, there are several things you have to keep in mind.

1. Trans girls are just like any other girls

Dating a transgender girl requires the same degree of respect, compassion and love. You always remember to show love and protection of the trans girl you are dating. If you've dated someone before, you've got everything you need to date a transgender girl. If you've never dated before, then slowly learn to care and love the transgender girl with you.

2. Understand the meaning of transgender

A transgender girl which means that the gender assigned to her at birth is not correct. Doctors and parents mistakenly believe that she was born with a penis so she should be a boy, and in fact, a person's perception of gender depends entirely on the brain. So unfortunately for transgender girls, when they were born, they did not have masted enough English words to protest such a decision. Therefore, they can only try to change this fact after growing up.

3. Gender and sexuality are two different things

Gender and sexuality are separate concepts. Transgenders are an umbrella term that includes different types of transgender people, such as transvestites, cross dressers, transexuals. And the transexuals means people who have a specific gender at birth but who grow up deciding to change different gender identities. A trans girl personally thinks she is pansexual, and she may have dated boys, girls and other gender. She is proud of her actions, because it is people brave like her that the world has become an open and exciting place.

4. Trans girls will not transition to have sex men

Please do not hypothesize what the transgender's sexual orientation based on their looks. Judging according to the information they pass to you, because in fact, trans sex has nothing to do with sexuality. Believe that trans girls don't cheat men into bed for the sake of transition. Now many transgender people will mark themselves as transgender people on the online dating app. Just to let the partner truly face their identity before starting a serious relationship.

5. Be honest with the trans girl you are dating

The world we live in today is a complex and varied world that allows people anonymous. Transgender girls need your frankness more than others, about who you are, what you want to do and what you want to get from her. Before your relationship matures, she will want to know what kind of person you are and whether to really care about her. Or you are a person with transphobic who intends to hurt her. Please give her a sense of security before she delivers her heart to you.