8 stupid things your date might do

Who hasn't tossed and turned in bed the night before a big trans dating, trying to explain everything that could go wrong? Your normally reliable car might not start, you might get stuck in traffic, you might miss your dinner reservation, or you might not notice a mustard stain on your shirt until you get home that night. It's as if murphy's law was written specifically for shemale dating. There's nothing you can do about these thing, and that makes it so important to control what you can control, that these self-inflicted disasters can be avoided with some sensitivity and awareness. Here are eight stupid things to avoid like the plague:


Write it down: there is no perfect man or woman. When you're waiting for someone to show up, a lot of people will meet you on your way and you can have a great time with them -- maybe even fall in love with them.

Texting at the dinner table

Imagine that you are looking forward to dinner with someone you find attractive. When you show up at the appointed time, he or she invites 12 people to join you - parents, siblings, co-workers - and allows them to interrupt your conversation at any time. Ridiculous, right? Put the phone down.

Flirt with the waitress

If you're looking for romance, it's natural to keep your antennae up and alert to possibilities wherever you go. But when it comes to ts dating, turn off the radar and focus your full attention on the person in front of you - and potential partners.

Too casual

Perhaps it's a good thing that society has relaxed its strict rules on transgender dating since our great-grandparents were young. But lax standards are no excuse for laziness. Remember not to just "hang out". Plan something different and fun. Don't dress like you just came out of the gym - try to look (and feel) sharp.

Uncommon courtesy

However, some of the "outdated" rules of transgender dating are worth revisiting. In rejecting notions of chivalry and decency, we deprive ourselves of potential romantic opportunities. Find for yourself how attractive old-fashioned manners can be.

Talk more than you listen

Some people see a date as an opportunity to detail how attractive they are. Make it an opposite task to discover your date's hidden dreams, talents, and goals. Give them the gift of change and make them charming people - they'll remember you for it.

Break the speed limit of transgender dating

While too slow can cause problems, the worst crashes happen when you hit the accelerator too hard, too fast. This is the time when you're most likely to confuse sexual hisses with true love, or ignore warning signs that the road ahead may not be as smooth as you'd like. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

Too personal, too fast

In most cases, your transgender date is a complete stranger to you. They don't need to know your secrets, fears, childhood traumas, medical problems, and most embarrassing moments. Build trust before you open up.