Four Reasons Explained Why Male to Female Corssdressing

Many transvestites report shows that cross-dressers have experienced different things at different times, or have chosen a variety of reasons for a particular occasion. The various reasons listed in these reports support the view that transvestism is not a simple act, focusing on sex or sexuality, but on some complex and interrelated needs, some of which demand is far removed from sexual issues and is closely related to gender roles.

Release some stress

Some transvestites say they dress when they feel the pressure in their lives make them breathless. For these men, wearing women’s clothes can make them “away from” masculinity and society’s expectations and pressure on men. Under the wrapping of these women’s clothes, they can enjoy a moment of peace. For other men, although they like to play the traditional manly role, their dressing provides a popular refuge. These willingness and motivation are related to the expression of recessive personality traits.

Show hidden personality traits

Crossdressing gives some men the opportunity to express their hidden personality. The social system of personality is not acceptable to men. Although these characteristics, such as gentleness, passiveness and emotional sensitivity, are neither female nor male, they are not male or female. They are most often associated with women. Some men also report that they need to be flirtatious, making themselves beautiful and charming, or showing passiveness and helplessness. Transvestites are free to express these characteristics only when dressed as a woman.

Jealous of women

Some transvestites say they are jealous or admiring women, so they want to be like them. Their views on the status of women in society are often unrealistic and idealistic, such as “little housewives”, “sexual kittens” or “descendant goddesses”. Some cross-dressers also said that they envied the woman’s body. Although the motive for this transvestite is close to transgender, for many men, the desire to have breasts does not mean that they want to get rid of their penises.

Get the attention of the public

The urge to wear women’s clothing in front of the public and appear as a woman gives all cross-dressers a sense of satisfaction. They said that although they had the opportunity to wear clothes at home often, they did not. On the contrary, when they have the opportunity to go out wearing women’s clothing, they will choose to cross-dress to show up in public, only to get the attention of the public, but also provide a noble image for some transvestites, and this is itself a full dressing motive. These men like to be seen as women, although this may have some disturbing effects on those who are identified as heterosexual transvestites, because their female appearance is charming enough to attract the attention of the admired male. However, for others, this concern is only their success at the masquerade.